Lampard Feeling Strange Chelsea Selling Nemanja Matic

Byadmin Posted Aug 7, 2017

Lampard Feeling Strange Chelsea Selling Nemanja Matic

Lampard Feeling Strange Chelsea Selling Nemanja Matic

Chelsea legend Frank Lampard has criticized the sale of Nemanja Matic from his former club to Manchester United this summer. He said this after the Blues lost to Arsenal in a Community Shield match at Wembley Stadium on Sunday (06/08/2017).

Lampard rate, sales of Matic does not make sense. According to him, Matic is an important component of the success of Chelsea won the Premier League last season.

“It is very strange to see Matic sold to Manchester United,” said Lampard.

Lampard said duo Matic and N’Golo Kante in Chelsea’s midfield last season had an irreplaceable role. This makes Chelsea’s attack even more frightening.

“Matic makes Chelsea wingback free to attack and Matic also makes Pedro and Willian have the freedom to build an attack,” added Lampard.

In the transfer market this summer, Chelsea bought Tiemou Bakayoko from AS Monaco who staying digadang as a substitute Matic in midfield.

Chelsea’s top scorer throughout history also admits the Blues still need additional players to face the 2017-2018 season.

Chelsea bought Matic from Benfica in January 2014. Over at Stamford Bridge, the 29-year-old Serbian appeared in 154 competitive matches with seven goals and 20 assists.

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The Smelly Guests in Luxury Wedding Lionel Messi

The Smelly Guests in Luxury Wedding Lionel Messi

So many famous footballers and artists who attended Lionel Messi’s wedding, but only a few were socially Agen Casino.

The event took place in the hometown of Messi, Rosario, Argentina, 30 June 2017.

Of the approximately 250 guests, also present the Barcelona players such as Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Berard Pique. There are also Argentine footballers like Ezequiel Lavezzi and Sergio Aguero.

Meanwhile, for the media, about 150 journalists were allowed to cover the event, but did not have direct access to ceremonies or parties after the ceremony.

Messi had appealed to them to make a donation to an NGO organization rather than to buy a gift. Surprisingly, Marca reported that the money collected “only” 9,562 euros (equivalent to Rp 151.4 million).

The number is quite small considering the big names are present. For comparison, Pique spent almost 11,000 euros in the casino on the wedding night.

No doubt, Argentine television presenter, Alejandro Fantino, had given the title “rat” to the guests.

Before marriage, Messi himself had a long relationship with Antonella. Both have known each other since Antonella was five years old.

Now, they have been awarded two sons named Thiago Messi and Mateo Messi.

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MU’s Impressive Stars Debut Impressive, It’s Mourinho’s Comment


MU’s Impressive Stars Debut Impressive, It’s Mourinho’s Comment

The appearance of Manchester United (MU) is increasingly showing positive results. In the closing match of the pre-season tour, MU beat Sampdoria with a score of 2-1, Wednesday (02/08/2017).

Two MU goals scored Henrikh Mkhitaryan and Juan Mata, while Sampdoria replies scored Dennis Praet.

In a match that was held in Dublin, the manager Jose Mourinho lowered his best squad. In addition to Romelu Lukaku, and Victor Lindelof, MU also play Nemanja Matic brand-new recruits.

Matic appear quite impressive in the game. Mourinho also praised him by calling him a genius.

“This is Matic,” Mourinho told MUTV on Thursday (3/8/2017). “In my opinion, despite playing modestly in that position, he remains a genius, he is fantastic in his position,” he said.

“The way he plays, he plays with his brain, of course he needs the physical to be the best in his game,” said Mourinho.

Matic completed a transfer worth 40 million pounds sterling from Chelsea to Manchester United on Monday. This is the second meeting with Mourinho after the Portuguese coach took him to Stamford Bridge in 2014.

Key Players

Nemanja Matic
The Serb international has signed a three-year deal with options for the next 12 months. At Old Trafford, the 28-year-old will be the key to the Red Devils game.

Matic plays an important role when bringing Chelsea champions last season. As a defensive midfielder, he did 37 percent clean tack, 66 percent won the ball and 60 percent won the air duel, plus scored one goal and 7 overlaps (assists).

“Matic is a Manchester United player and his player is Jose Mourinho, he reflects what we want from a footballer: loyalty, consistency, ambition and players who put the team first,” Mourinho told the official MU website.

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Liga Primer seperti ‘dunia baru’ untuk bintang Arsenal Lacazette

Liga Primer seperti ‘dunia baru’ untuk bintang Arsenal Lacazette

Alexandre Lacazette mengatakan ia telah memasuki “dunia baru” sejak tiba di Liga Utama Inggris bersama Arsenal.

Pemain internasional Prancis itu bergabung dari Lyon dengan biaya yang bisa dilaporkan mencapai € 60 juta dan mencetak gol pertama untuk The Gunners saat kekalahan 2-1 hari Minggu ke Sevilla di Piala Emirates.

Penandatanganan rekor klub Arsenal berbalik pada umpan silang Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain yang rendah saat mereka memenangkan kompetisi pra-musim meskipun mengalami kerugian pada hari kedua, setelah mengalahkan Benfica 5-2 pada hari Sabtu.

Lacazette, 26, yang juga terjaring di debut Arsenal melawan Sydney FC, menikmati tantangan bermain di Inggris dan sangat ingin beradaptasi secepat mungkin.

“Semuanya telah berubah,” kata Lacazette pada Evening Standard.

“Saya merasa bahwa saya memasuki dunia baru. Dari segi pemain, staf teknis, sepak bola – semuanya berbeda.

“Itulah yang saya cari. Akulah yang perlu beradaptasi sesegera mungkin.”

Dia menambahkan: “Semuanya berbeda, lebih besar, berjalan lebih cepat, lebih kuat – bagus, liga yang hebat dengan banyak tim. Menurut saya tidak ada tim kecil.

“Bahkan melawan yang terkecil sekalipun tidak selalu mudah, saya tidak sabar untuk melihat bagaimana musim ini berjalan.”

Lacazette tampak pincang saat ia menggantikan Alex Iwobi pada tahap penutupan bentrokan Sevilla, namun manajer Arsene Wenger kehilangan kekhawatiran cedera setelah pertandingan.

Oleh karena itu, striker tersebut kemudian membuat debut kompetitifnya saat Arsenal memainkan juara Liga Primer Chelsea di Community Shield pada hari Minggu, pertandingan ulang final Piala FA di bulan Mei.