Mane: Sanctions Will not Affect Playing Style


Mane: Sanctions Will not Affect Playing Style

Mane: Sanctions Will not Affect Playing Style

Liverpool frontman Sadio Mane stressed the sanctions will not change his playing style, he was determined to improve it.

The three-match ban from the English football federation (FA) as the retainer of the Senegal national team was deemed to have committed a foul on Ederson Moraes in a 5-0 defeat to Manchester City last weekend, which made the goalkeeper’s face should get the stitches over natural hard collision by raising feet too high.

Even his action is playing dirty ball on the field, Sadio get sharp criticism from the football and they judge the referee Jonathan Moss is right to give a red card for the former Southampton player, the article may endanger the career of a player.

Although not accept with the court’s decision, but the 25-year-old player was sure to have apologized to Eder and he also felt relieved that the Brazilian goalkeeper was able to graze quickly with City.

“I think next time when I get the ball in front of the goalkeeper then I will do my best,” Sadio Mane told the media.

“My intention is not to hurt Ederson, that’s bad and I am feeling he is recovering well soon. I’m glad he’s been able to play again against Feyenoord on Wednesday and help his team win the game.

“That’s not what I want. I think it is a challenge for the ball. I made contact and that’s not what I wanted to do so I apologized to him, this is part of football and I will not change anything.

“I have his phone number so I just sent him a short message and he thinks he has seen it.”

While Mane, who had an impressive season last season, will certainly not play against Merseyside clubs against Burnley at the weekend as well as Leicester City both in the EFL Cup and also the English Premier League.

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