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The Smelly Guests in Luxury Wedding Lionel Messi

The Smelly Guests in Luxury Wedding Lionel Messi

So many famous footballers and artists who attended Lionel Messi’s wedding, but only a few were socially Agen Casino.

The event took place in the hometown of Messi, Rosario, Argentina, 30 June 2017.

Of the approximately 250 guests, also present the Barcelona players such as Neymar, Luis Suarez, and Berard Pique. There are also Argentine footballers like Ezequiel Lavezzi and Sergio Aguero.

Meanwhile, for the media, about 150 journalists were allowed to cover the event, but did not have direct access to ceremonies or parties after the ceremony.

Messi had appealed to them to make a donation to an NGO organization rather than to buy a gift. Surprisingly, Marca reported that the money collected “only” 9,562 euros (equivalent to Rp 151.4 million).

The number is quite small considering the big names are present. For comparison, Pique spent almost 11,000 euros in the casino on the wedding night.

No doubt, Argentine television presenter, Alejandro Fantino, had given the title “rat” to the guests.

Before marriage, Messi himself had a long relationship with Antonella. Both have known each other since Antonella was five years old.

Now, they have been awarded two sons named Thiago Messi and Mateo Messi.