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Wenger: Lacazette Still Needs Time

Wenger: Lacazette Still Needs Time

Arsenal manager, Arsene Wenger, rate Alexandre Lacazette still need time to adjust in the Premier League Agen Bola.

Not only stated that, the French coach has confidence in the player who brought from Olympique Lyon could be the best in the Gunners.

However, Wenger thinks Lacazette does not think it will compete with his teammates like, Mesut Ozil and Alexis Sanchez.

Wenger said: “The English league is not easy. Especially as the new Lacazette feels the style of the game in England. ”

“For that I think Lacazette still needs time to adapt well in the Premier League.”

“But on the other hand, I see Lacazette has no load. For that he must take the time well. ”

“Compete with Sanchez? Of course he would not think of it that way. ”

“I do not distinguish the two players. The most important thing is to perform optimally in the game. “


Montella: Milan Live a Positive Start

Montella: Milan Live a Positive Start

Vincenzo Montella discussed Milan’s tactics, a penalty shooter and a positive start to the season after their 2-0 win over SPAL.

Two goals coming from the 12th fitting point were successfully executed by Ricardo Rodriguez and Franck Kessie who had enough for them to take home three points.

Montella is expected to use a 3-4-2-1 formation with Suso and Hakan Calhanoglu behind Andre Silva, but instead he is outgrowing the Spaniard.

“I decided to use the 3-5-2 formation because of the guarantee to get a higher win. I love the way the team plays, although we certainly have to polish things, “said Montella.

“I am angry ahead of the end of the game because we should be able to control the ball better.

“Unfortunately, we do not have much time to fix things in practice. The defense is solid in every game, regardless of Lazio.

“Andre Silva played well, he took part in many things. I always show two players who will kick a penalty before the game. This time we got two penalties, so the two players will kick each one. Andre Silva can also and he will get his chances later.

“We started the season with a positive trend and this is not easy with many new players. This team is destined to be even stronger. “


Mane: Sanctions Will not Affect Playing Style

Mane: Sanctions Will not Affect Playing Style

Liverpool frontman Sadio Mane stressed the sanctions will not change his playing style, he was determined to improve it.

The three-match ban from the English football federation (FA) as the retainer of the Senegal national team was deemed to have committed a foul on Ederson Moraes in a 5-0 defeat to Manchester City last weekend, which made the goalkeeper’s face should get the stitches over natural hard collision by raising feet too high.

Even his action is playing dirty ball on the field, Sadio get sharp criticism from the football and they judge the referee Jonathan Moss is right to give a red card for the former Southampton player, the article may endanger the career of a player.

Although not accept with the court’s decision, but the 25-year-old player was sure to have apologized to Eder and he also felt relieved that the Brazilian goalkeeper was able to graze quickly with City.

“I think next time when I get the ball in front of the goalkeeper then I will do my best,” Sadio Mane told the media.

“My intention is not to hurt Ederson, that’s bad and I am feeling he is recovering well soon. I’m glad he’s been able to play again against Feyenoord on Wednesday and help his team win the game.

“That’s not what I want. I think it is a challenge for the ball. I made contact and that’s not what I wanted to do so I apologized to him, this is part of football and I will not change anything.

“I have his phone number so I just sent him a short message and he thinks he has seen it.”

While Mane, who had an impressive season last season, will certainly not play against Merseyside clubs against Burnley at the weekend as well as Leicester City both in the EFL Cup and also the English Premier League.


Cairo: Ventura Too Brave

Cairo: Ventura Too Brave

President Torino, Urbano Cairo feels Giampiero Ventura is “a bit too brave” against Spain but he supports Andrea Belotti to put “a difficult week” for him

Ventura is deeply regrettable in using the 4-2-4 formation when Italy lost 3-0 to Spain, while Belotti was also criticized for having less impact against La Roja and Israel.

“It was a victory we suffered. Benevento deserves a draw, but we did not give up and we finally got through, “the Torino boss told the media.

“Scudetto? “Juventus, Napoli and Inter seem to be the most appropriate clubs for that. Aim? Our goal is the European championship, but we can not limit ourselves: we have to keep trying for something more. ”

“Exchange transfers? Closing the summer transfer window early is the right decision. ”

“It is the right thing that no one will play when the player’s fate has not been ascertained. Belotti? He’s had a difficult week, but he’s going back to the field again. ”

“Insigne? I do not want to put a price for it, but Aurelio De Laurentiis will know. ”

“Ventura? He is very good and performs very well with the national team. Maybe against Spain, he’s a bit too brave. ”

“At the time, he did not make the best decision, but he’s still a very good coach.”

“For Italy, this is a time when experienced players are old and young players have not been shown.”


Klopp: Coutinho in Good Mood at Liverpool

Klopp: Coutinho in Good Mood at Liverpool

The Liverpool manager, Jurgen Klopp, claims that Philippe Coutinho is in a good mood at Anfield. The Brazilian has also worked hard in the Reds training session.

Barcelona three times bid Coutinho in the transfer market then. However, Liverpool still refused to take it off. This made Coutinho disappointed.

“Of course I’m talking to Coutinho, it’s all good, good, there’s nothing more to say, so he’s back and we had a very good conversation, very good,” Klopp said on the club’s official website.

Coutinho this season has not defended Liverpool due to struggling with injury. However, he can actually perform when Brazil underwent 2018 World Cup qualifying.

“I know what people think, but Coutinho has back problems a few weeks ago and can not practice so he lost three weeks.” Yes, he went to the national team and practiced normally, but now we have to prepare for the season normally.

“We always have the same decision to make, ‘Does Coutinho need training or can he play?’ Yes, now he will practice more than any other player, but he comes up with a very good mood and looks very promising, “Klopp added.

Liverpool itself is now ranked second in the Premier League standings. Jordan Henderson and his friends collected seven points from three matches.


Tite wants Coutinho to score goals

Tite wants Coutinho to score goals

Brazil coach Tite has Philippe Coutinho’s hopes of scoring many goals in the South American World Cup qualifying competition.

Early Wednesday morning, in the continued World Cup qualifying competition, Brazil will travel to Colombia’s headquarters, Estadio Metropolitano Roberto Melendez.

It seems that Tite has opted for Philippe to sharpen the Brazilian front line in the next match against Colombia.

Although until now still associated with Barcelona, ‚Äč‚ÄčTite believes it does not interfere with Coutinho concentration in defending Brazil.

In an interview, Tite said “I have hope Coutinho can score many goals in World Cup qualification.”

“Tomorrow night we will face Colombia, for that he must remain focused.”

“I feel confident he will perform optimally though until now associated with Barcelona.”

“And I feel confident tomorrow night Coutinho will score.”


Krychowiak Explain Select Join West Brom

Krychowiak Explain Select Join West Brom

New recruits West Bromwich Albion, Grzegorz Krychowiak expressed his ambitious The Baggies want to break the Premier League and play in the Europa League then make him accept the offer of the club even though only the status of a loan from PSG Situs Judi.

During the opening of the transfer market summer Polish national team retainer who has given three trophies for the French club was indeed getting a lucrative offer from a number of top clubs.

However, seeing the atmosphere of Tony Pulis team is also stable every season, then make him also want a career at The Hawthorns long term with Jonny Evans Cs.

“I have a lot of offers from Spain and Italy,” said Grzegorz Krychowiak on the club’s official website.

“But this is a very ambitious club.

“There’s a good atmosphere here too.”